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Love Hong Kong's cheap lures!!


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Just got back from visiting family in Hong Kong for Christmas. Went on a fishing lure/tackle mission and hit the jackpot. Found a random back street tackle supplier. Bought:


-VX40 x2




-Powerworm grass minnow soft plastic 5.5cm and 4cm


-EBA popper 50mm x2

-EBA Shad 50mm


-Skitter pop 50mm x 2

-Slashbait 60mm


-Salty rubber cast Jigs 10g and 15g


-Trolling flie x2


-stickbait 7cm

Got the whole lot, after my bartering skills for AU$100!!! Cant wait to test them out if we can catch a break in the rain!! Planning on going back up in June so if anyone wants some let me know?!!


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Haha Yeah went to Po Kee cause thats supposed to be the place to go but the prices arnt much different to here in brisbane... Just did a bit more research and found this place whch is a legit shop and the bloke was really helpful. Let me open all the boxes and check out the lures before i bought them.

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