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Another perfect day offshore with Smithy 3/1/11


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After constantly looking at seabreeze all week and the weather loking at getting worse everytime I looked, I almost talked myself into the trip being cancelled. Considering I've been tagged as being Smithy's unluckiest customer with previously having 13 cancellations due to bad weather ALL IN A ROW!!!.... But this time however we were lucky enough to make it out and what turned out to be a fantastic day. With call made to Smithy on Sunday arvo, the trip was a go, only one hiccup, I realised it would be a 2am wake up.... Left home just after 3 and was at the Mooloolba boat ramp just after 4.

Got there and the weather was perfect, slight breeze and the sun was just rising. The plan was to go out wide and do some deep water jigging, however Smithy had been talking to another fisho(Luke) and he had been catching the kingies/AJ's in close. With a sigh of relief at not having to drop 400g-500g jigs into 100+m of water we unloaded the Stella's and Saltigas and rigged up ready to do battle.

It was a quick trip out with only a sight swell that flattened out more during the day. We arrived at our first spot and there was a modest show, so we dropped the knife jigs down to see what would come out to play. Little bro hooked up first with a rat AJ at around 3kg, so we released it to come back another day, this continued for the next hour with rat kingies and Aj's coming aboard, despite some huge shows on the sounder. So the call was made to go get some livies.

A quick trip to the bait spot, the yakkas were slow going but we eventually got some. So we headed back to the spot and we decided I would rig a livie on the 6500 Saltiga as some of the shows were massive and Luke got dusted a few times yesterday. As we neared the spot we saw Crusader 1 there, so we let her drop her pick while we drifted. The two little bros continued to jig. Then as soon as we were drifting past Crusader, things we crazy, my livie was going ballastic then bang!, rod bends and reel set at 8kg drag starts screaming. At the same time little bro jigging on the other side, gets slammed and produced a laugh from the whole boat as he almost looses his setup with the fish screaming off and his drag almost locked, he ended up 3/4 way out of the boat before my other bro grabs him. In the meantime, I continued fighting my fish and after about 5 runs i got her boatside and netted a 9 kg AJ.


Little bro also continued his fight and ended up boating one a little smaller at around 6 kg.

So after we reset the drift and contiued boating some more AJ's. However we were after Kingies. So we made the move to another spot and what Smithy called "the house of pain". The terrain at this spot looked treacherous and we were ready to loose a few jigs at $40 a pop :( Sure enough the kingies were there, we landed a few rats but in amongst them were a few arm benders and unstoppables. After loosing a few jigs we decided to have some fun on light gear and chuck out plastics for them. While the two bros were doing this I decided to drop down a livie and give it a go, as soon as it hit the bottom I got a hit and after a quick fight I had a Maori Cod boatside a quick measure and 8mm short....................... back in the drink she goes.


With our arms stretched, we told Smithy we wanted to get a feed and target some spotties. Unfortuneatly, there were no reports of them around so we got some more livies and tried to troll for some spanyids. However, after an hour trolling they were not playing either, so Smithy decided to pull the plug on trolling as the current was roaring, however on winding in the last livie, it got slammed and up came a thumper schoolie at around 3-4kg. So we dropped our slugs down and cranked like crazy. Soon enough we had 5 in the esky and enough for a feed. With this we called it a day and headed home with blue skies, sunshine, sore arms and shoulders, but big smiles on our faces.




Final tally to take home 2 Aj's 1 Kingie and 5 School Mackeral.

Thanks for another great day out Smithy, We cant wait for the new boat to arrive. Will Definitely be out again soon


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Good day to be out yesterday. Did it a bit tougher today on the fishing front but got more livies. Got dusted about 6 times on the AJs. Luke didn't go more than 5mins before being dusted, straightening hooks or pulling hooks on them this morning. He spent more time re rigging than fishing. Spanish played a bit better today and lost a brute after 20-30min fight time. Got clean snipped by another and missed the bite by another till the dirty water came in again. Schoolies didn't want to play and only spun up the one. Bait was there but you couldn't see the mackerel on top of it like with you guys yesterday. Weather was still quite fishable today. Did pretty much the same plan. Trolling minnows and skirts tommorrow.

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Cant decide whether or not I want something to dust me on the Saltiga with 90lb braid and 200lb leader Smithy, But we'll definitely give it a good crack next time haha. We'll try get out again once the marlin start showing up more, if not we'll certainly be out around Easter or just after.

thanks for the replies guys, was a great day out and certainly recommend Smithy to get you onto the fish.

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