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North Stradbroke Questions


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Hi all,

My friends and i have hired a villa at north stradbroke island for next weekend and i've never been before.

So i was hoping to get an idea for the fishing over there. I've surf fished off fraser before but never anything down this far. Is surf fishing the only go over there? Any gutters?

Is there any rock fishing?

Also, would it be worth taking the yaks over? There only little pacers but i have life jackets....i'm guessing i would only go on the inshore side!

Any info would be greatly appreciated!



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Hey Nat,

Have a search for the reports Angus and I have thrown up about North Straddie. Its a place we've both started to do some serious investigating on but have yet to crack the massive fish code one.

Where are you staying on straddie? and will you have a car?? that'll help with some spots we could give you.... but basically every type of fishing that you can do can be done there....

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Yeah we'll have a 4x4 that can touch sand :-)

So the options are limitless. We got one of the resort villas at point lookout, but its privately rented - so we pay less, but still have access to the resort facilities

Cheers for the info....i'll now spend the arvy reading your old posts ;-)

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Hey Nat

Just got back this morning from Straddie

There is heaps of gutters along Main Beach at the moment

Tailor,Bream,Whiting,Flathead and 1000's of small Dart.

The Pippies have gone missing but the Worms are there.

There is good spots for rock fishing depending on the weather.

I'll be there again this weekend if you wan't I can give you quick tour but it must be remembered i'm a crap fisherman :silly:


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hey Nat - If you have a yak then Amity or Dunwich would be a lot of fun depending on the wind direction. At Amity there is a good rock wall where you can pick up many reef species and also if lucky pick up a traveling pelagic chasing the hardies in the clear water there. I have pocked up a lot of good fish there landbased in previous years. Dunwich right where the ferry drops u off is good for Trevally, occasional Kingy and other species.

The beaches are always fun for some dart and whiting. Plenty of good gutters on the main beach.

The rocks at point lookout can be fun but the wind lately has not been good hitting that area up. Westerly winds are best for those rocks with the wind behind you.

PM sent. Good luck

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and how's the mazda going?

Dassa, i absolutely love the new bt50! Boettchers have been very helpful - good service.

I tested it over the christmas break - not much else to do but find a mud puddle and do abit of 4wding :-)

Managed to get my brother out of a few good bogs, you can see below...i was so proud :P




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Well its finally happening - got rescheduled to this weekend cause of the floods.

So i'm catching the 3-30pm barge over today.

Can't wait. Got the yaks packed and am keen to paddle around dunwich.

Never been there before so its sure to be an adventure!

Report hopefully next week. :-)



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Finally went to straddie on the weekend. The amount of fishing done was pretty sad - but it was a great trip anyway.

Put the kayaks in at amity point which was pretty cool...the boys went all the way out to the sandbar (at low tide) while i was just happy getting my yak-sealegs :-)

Was really impressed with straddie - beautiful place - great beaches (though i didnt get to check out main beach).

Enjoyed swimming at the gorge - the shark chopper was out keeping us and the Oakley Junior Pro Am surfers safe. Shark siren went a couple of times which was a first for me...and a little scary!

Villa was in all seasons resort behind cylinder beach and was really nice - slept 8 of us easily.

Anyways, not much fishing related but if you're keen you should go - i've lived brisbane for over 10 years and this was the first time i've been there, and now i wish i'd been sooner!


Blue Lake - bit of a hike in but beautiful swimming spot (if you don't mind the odd leech).




Yakkin Amity





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