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4/1/11 Fun outside the port.


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Went out past the port after seeing eg_vtec's report on the mackerel, started flicking all around the beacons with 30-40g slugs to no avail except one chase early on.

The river was glass and the bay had jsut enough of a lump so as not to reflect the sky. Went flat around the change of tide for an hour either side too.

Anchored up near another boat and threw pilchards out with weight and without weight and burleyed up a bit and had a few small hits on the bottom. Dad managed to hook a 6inch whiting on set of 5/0 gangs with a pilchard on them. Whiting master!

Moved to the other beacon and anchored up so the baits drifted in with the tide towards the beacon and the burley must have got some attention as i got onto a shark at about 90cm on a pilchard that took a few good runs, had him in my grasp but gave a big flick when i tryed to remove the hooks and it busted my leader of 40lb mono so i didn't get a picture.

Next hit come just after i cast a weighted pilchard out on my baitrunner it was drifting out a bit with the bail arm open and the line started running hard so i jammed it closed and dug into it. after one big speedy run and a couple big circles under the boat i got it in dehooked it and whacked it on the head :evil: First ever mack of legal size. schoolie at 66cm and now i have a reason to use my smoker.


Next dad got a wobbegong on a small yakka that was in our bag of pillies, wish that happened more often.

A bit quiet for a while until i got onto another shark around 80cm on an unweighted pilchard that put up a great fight on 15lb mainline and 20lb leader.

Picture is a bit derp as I was being bumped around and after the last one giving me a bit of a strength display I wanted to keep my toes.


Aside from a big missed hit on dads line and a lot of bait dissapearing without us noticing that was it for the day, pulled the plug at 11 and the bay was still pleasant.

If i wasnt going down the coast for a couple days id be right back out there again tomorrow morning!

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this and eg_vtec's report are the kind that get me interested and off my lazy ass and fishing .

i think i mite have to head out one morning and give this area a try.

with no v sheet or flares ,it looks like i can only go out to the second set of beacons from the port ,inline with Mt Elliot reef ,about 1/2 way to the coffee pot's.

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Would have been nice to put dad onto one also but im chuffed i got one!

Funny you should mention fish oil Mr Felix as i had some berley out that was a mash of a lot of old baits breadcrumbs and tuna oil and thats when the sharks really turned on. must have followed the slick right to my bait, Either way they put up a decent fight even if they arent the intended species.

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