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I have just moved to Brisbane from NQ and as yet I do not know of any decent fishing spots. Could someone please give me some tips or GPS marks on the best places to go down here?

I have a 5m glass boat and prefer to fish blue water but will move into the brown water once the swell is too rough. Also any tips on the best boat ramps would be appeciated.



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welcome to the site

lots of people will give you hints

one section in here called going fishing notice board

catch up with some of those boys & girls and you will pick up some spots pretty quick

check the fishing sections of what has happened in the last couple of weeks

spend a couple hours reading through the site and you will be on your way



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Hi Macka - welcome to the south east. Where do you come from exactly? Probably help if you let folks know what side of town you are going to live. Is your boat suited to offshore or only partially smooth and smooth waters? There a lot folks on here that will be able to help you out. I hope you are not disappointed with the fishing down here :P

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I have come down from Townsville. My boat is suitable for off shore fishing, I used to travel to the inner reefs in NQ which were about 50 to 60 kms off the coast (but still remaining protected from the reef). I am living in the Samford area of Brisbane.


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