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Cabbage tree creek explore 5/1/11


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Met up with Rocket this morning to hit his back yard. I dropped two crab pots in and we went to hit some of his spots. The morning started quit well with a nice 26cm FL bream taken on a 2 inch gulp shrimp cast in tight under the moored boats.


This fish was quickly followed by a feisty bream taken on the same technique. This one gave me some serious curry, it ran from under the boat straight to the post it was moored on and wrapped me twice. With Rods expert help we managed to free the bream luckily as I was only using 3LB fireline with a 4LB leader and that post was a barnacle smorgass board. It measured 28.5cm FL.


We then went for a troll hoping for some flatties. We both had some serious bites and missed hook ups. I managed a small whiting on the strike pro pygmie38. From here we headed upstream to some deeper water and trolled against the mangroves for not allot of action. I put a cast in tight to the mangroves, Damiki Saemi, and worked it hard out of the mangroves let it pause then gave it a slight twitch and whack zzzzzzz. A good little fight for a bloody catfish, not the way I wanted to blood the certate :( but definitely happy with it performed. Within a minute of landing the slim ball Rod got onto one as well, mind you he was happy with his donut buster :lol: At this spot I also caught a small flatty on a squidgy bloodworm wriggler, the little bugger managed to spike me, so with that we basically called it and went for a quick flick towards the ramp.

On the troll home I got a nice little cod.....


Nothing in the crab pots, it was fairly busy on the water by this stage so I was expecting empty pots anyway :(

Thanks Rod for playing tour guide mate, I had an enjoyable morning and hopefully we can head there again soon, I need to work those boats a bit harder when the current is slower :whistle:

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Great work.

However be very careful while fishing this piece of water as the moored vessels on the southern side of the creek are in the green zone.

HPZ09—Cabbage Tree Creek

The area bounded by a line starting at the intersection of the marine park boundary on the mainland and the parallel of latitude 27°19.908' south (at or about the point of 27°19.908' south, 153°04.998' east)

then running progressively—

(a) east along the parallel of latitude 27°19.908' south to its intersection with the meridian of longitude 153°05.022' east; and

(B) south-westerly along the geodesic to the point of 27°20.033' south, 153°04.946' east; and

© west along the parallel of latitude 27°20.033' south to its intersection with the marine park boundary on the mainland (at or about the point of 27°20.033' south, 153°04.924' east); and

(d) generally north-easterly along the marine park boundary on the mainland to the starting point.

(From Marine Parks (Moreton Bay) Zoning Plan 2008.)

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Thanks for the company KAF, unfortunately a combination of the massive tide and the rain of late made it tuff to get amoung the fish. We worked bloody hard for very little result, but was still nice to be on the water and getting lots of jealous looks and positive comments on out "weird" yaks :lol:

upwindoverdrive, appreciate the heads up, I know there is a green zone but it's bloody hard to know where exactly it starts unless you have a GPS, or a masters degree in navigation and policy reading :(

I normally just steer clear of Nundah creek and stay away from the high tide mark on the other shore.

Now if somone could please turn off the rain for a while perhaps our estuaries will return to normal in the near future.:unsure:

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I'll have to buy a yak soon and go for a little flick myself hey.. Been meaning to buy one for the last couple of months.. I only live 5min away fro Cabbage Tree so it's definitely no problem for me - haha.

Did you happen to eat the bream? Looks like a nice feed.

No mate, I don't eat bream, unless I've caught them off the beach.

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