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Eco Park Trip - Wednesday 5th Jan


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Headed down to the Eco Park today with Tanya for a bit of fun.

Well the rains have not put the fish off.

In 2 hours we had countless hook ups (literally lost count).

All fish caught were Barcoo Grunter but I lost a nice Sooty using a popper.

Thats right poppers work well here with even the Barcoo having a good go at them (and the Spangled Perch).

Its pretty relaxed fishing but I would highly reccomend it at the moment for people with kids.



Some pictures of the day. Sorry only 3. They all look pretty much the same!




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nice one Gus, any other afo'ers there? Might give it a crack in the near future, not bad if entry fee is $25!

well done.

Cheers ty

Yeah if you are going to go get that internet deal.

Cant argue with half price!

Also if you are taking kids, save some more coin and only use one rod between a few.

With the weed itll tough work with one rod alone but the results will be there.


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