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a donut avoided


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Well after having the outboard stolen in October and waiting for a slack ass insurance company to get things sorted out I needed a fishing fix :cheer:

Between work and some mongrel standing on the roof pouring water down like noah built his ark in my backyard , i had the shits big time being without a useable boat and crappy weather

I started walking round and round the house like a loony

I had re -sorted all my fishing gear out , re-spooled some reels , greased the others and generally drove the missus round the twist .

I was going stir crazy then Sunday it all come together after a land based session was called for :woohoo:

All was going good until the destination spot A ( raby bay canals ) was in my sights and the tides were not playing the game

An out going tide , dirty ass brown chocolate water and more boat traffic than Hong kong harbour :angry:

Any way i thought fishing is fishing so who cares , A quick search of the magic fishing bag and i had forgot my goto plastics :blush: . The old plastics were called into duty and done very little on the happy fisherman side of things so abit of wading out to a rocky bit of bottom was decided .

After loading up a squidgy 4in evil minnow and throwing it everywhere , success was had in the form of a 33 cm flattie .

A few more casts and nothing to show i was getting disheartned . My phone rang and my brother said he was on his way down .

After another 15 mins and nothing to show , my brother arrived to throw some more plastics to double our chances and for him to test out his new Sol reel .

Nothing happened so his new reel is yet to be tested out :)

A change from softplastics to a hard body found in the bottom of the Magic tackle bag was on the cards and resulted in a good hook up from a obviously hungry fish .

The fight was short lived on the trion and sedona combo in my hands :evil: and the monster was released to fight another day with some other lucky angler

my Bro snapped a picture of my happy as with the prize catch of the day , that had me smiling for hours at the sheer determination of the fish to get a feed


a dose of sun ( burn in my case ) and a good giggle sure beats sitting round the house bored

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