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Outside Double Island - Quick report.


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Hi All,

So my brother and I went out to the 5-mile point outside double island point last sunday 2nd Jan. Winds weren't too bad but the swell got me good! I spent most of the day under the front of the halfcab trying to sleep off the seasickness. Never been this seasick before - kwells did nothing for me, and i was burleighing over the side a couple of times!

So hence the quick report with only a few photos.

My bro got onto somefish at least - i only managed some squire - biggest 30cm - no legals.

My fish and his keepers below - pearl perch, tuskfish, and grassy sweetlips.






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Conditions didn't look too bad but at least your burleying did the trick as you got a feed between you all. :silly: Next time you will get into them.

Yeah that photo was from earlier in the day - before the swell picked up and the sickness kicked in :sick:

Oh well...still, thats the best i've got on snapper so far anyway :-)

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