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trim and tilt problems?


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hi guys, been absent from the site for a while as i have been working away. when i returned for the holidays i took out the tinnie only to find that the trim and tilt on my 40 johnson dosnt work. it wont raise anymore but when i liftted it by hand whilst pressing the button it slowy moved up (just) but is now stuck in the lower position which made it a hairy drive back from beachmere at 330 this moring with the base of the motor not very high above the ground. was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions before i pay to have it look at? i thought it could be lack of hydraulic pressure.

now to the fishing side of things we worked 8 crab pots for about six hours for four bucks and landed one black tip at about .1.2metres long plus about twenty million catfish. also hit the port up two nights ago for about 21 million catfish must be all the fresh? has anyone elese had much luck at the port latley?

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99% certain lack of fluid. There will be a screw or a bolt somewhere near the ram that you can undo to enable you to raise and lower the leg.

Give any omc dealer a ring and they will tell you where the screw is.

Only problem is that you will have a fluid leak somewhere and refilling the reseravoir will be only a temp fix and you will be up for a repair some time.



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