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Mooloolaba looking for Spotty Macs


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Well with the Midget dumping me for a trip to NT with his giiiirlfirend I opted to chase a few speedsters last weekend with Leigh and Derek. We had another great day on the water with plenty of Kms travelled. The fish were flighty to say the least but we did manage to get a few. Naturally the Midget sent me a text saying his mack was bigger :P

Like anything the Midget has that's bigger than mine :whistle:

Anyway a few pics for effect, especially one depicting how far from land we really were at one point :woohoo:








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One thing for sure with out middget it would have been quiet :lol: :lol: and don't forget when you are 2foot 2 everything seams bigger then everybody's :evil: :evil: what did you get the mack on slug or plastic ?

P.S I haven't got to blood that reel in as yet

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