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Recreational Fishing Concerns survey.


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Received this a week or so ago.Please take the time to complete the survey as it only takes a few minutes.



Subject: Recreational Fishing Concerns survey

Hi everyone

A State election is due by March 2012. Sunfish Management Committee is currently working on our 2012 Election Platform.

The draft will be discussed in depth at next March’s General Delegates Meeting. To assist in the preparation of the draft we are canvassing those issues that anglers identify as most important to them.

This survey was commenced at the Brisbane Boat Show as a trial and was very successful. I have attached a link for the survey to this email.

Please complete this survey if you have not already done so and then forward the link to as many people as possible, so that we may gauge a wide variety of opinions. The survey link will also be available on our website from Monday.



Judy Lynne

Executive Officer

Sunfish Queensland Inc

Ph 07 3882 4518

Fax 07 3882 5680

Mob 0409 056 437


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