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Pine River Shark Session Monday.


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hi all

been a while since iv been out so nic and i and his gf headed out for a shark in the pine at about 4.30 monday morning. it was only going to be a short session as i was leaving for maroochy later that morning. (will post a report after this) anyway went in search of bait. bony bream were the target as we knew the mullet would be hard to get. so after a good half hour of netting we managed enough decent sized bony bream for bait and one 35+ one for the OH. anyway anchored up and set out the baits and waited. was very slow like our previous pine session. but at abour 830 finally managed a run which it dropped pretty quickly so i left it out a little bit longer then it took off a gain. this time it didnt stop. waited for a while and set the hooks. after a long long long hard fight i finally boated a 1.2M bully around the 30kg mark.





it was the fattest shark i have ever seen. and after a bit of mucking around tagging it and getting nics girl to touch it xD it was released and swam around on the surface for a while before it took off well and healthy. that was it so we headed back so i could get ready for maroochydore.

anyway thanks for reading. will do a report on maroochy when i get photos.


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awesome so u have gotten your first?

yer i got 2, niether fought well though. the first just floundered around on the surface as a reeled it in.

and the seccond i got happened when i was checking the crab traps. i came back and my reel was down to its backing and i reeled in in thinking there was a crab on it but turned out to be a shark

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U lucky bastard Joel lol

I've been down twice since me u n pat went and I've caught nothing but catfish and I ripped my net to shredds on a snag! U will have to show me this other spot lol

any time. if you have crab pots bring them too cas there are heaps around atm and accessable by land

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