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Pie in the sky, or able to be done?


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I have no idea about website stuff, and therefore have no idea if this can be done at or or how easy it would be to do BUT,

Is there a way that another menu bar could be placed at the foot of the page with the Catergories Latest Posts You Posts etc so you dont have to scroll right to the top again to return to the Latest Posts page which I think most of us flick from OR

Even just a Return To Top button you can press to take you back to the top of the page?

Just food for thought :-)

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I tend to leave the latest posts open as well and right click on the link to the post I want and select "open in a new tab" that way you can open all the posts u want to open and read them all while leaving the latest posts open.

You can just click the scroll button instead of (R/Click; Open in new Tab) option.

Greg, This may not be what you're getting at but it may be helpful anyway -

At the bottom of each thread :


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