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Hervey Bay update (conditions).


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Okay, as we have a few people coming up this way shortly I thought I'd put up the latest on weather and water quality.

First things first, the Mary River is in flood in addition to a couple of sections of the Bruce highway underwater north and south of Gympie.

Sections of Maryborough are underwater with an expected river peak of 9 mtrs today, but with heavy rain in the district over the last 10 - 12 hrs, this may rise further, and over a longer period.

Naturally , water quality in the bay area will be affected by the flows and a heap of debris expected to be washed in with it.

Dont know how this will affect fishing in the Bay area, but I expect it wont be for the better for some time (depending on the weather ofcourse) and water quality may not recover for at least a couple of weeks if not longer.

All back roads around Maryborough, and between Maryborough and the Bay (from reports) are pretty much cactus for access and the main road between Maryborough and Hervey Bay may be affected by inundation later today.

Will look at updating any significant changes as they become available.

Handy site for major statewide road closures : http://highload.131940.qld.gov.au/

Updates from the local coucil: http://www.frasercoast.qld.gov.au/web/guest

Take care


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Thanks nugget. I should be into day 3 of my annual pilgrimage to Burrum Heads. Decided not to leave Friday because of the extreme weather warning, then left yesterday early and missed getting through the Kybong area south of Gympie by about 15 minutes and had to come home again. Checked it out again this morning, but have now decided to call the trip off for this year. Fishing would have been very ordinary this week anyway (at least that is what I am telling myself).



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Latest report was that the maryborough-hervey bay road was closed at saltwater creek bridge. curent level at 8.2 mtrs for about the last 4 hrs, the current flood levels affecting Gympie are likely to affect maryboroughs curent levels over the next 24-48 hrs from overnight rain. Access between Maryborough and Hervey Bay is a bit hit and miss at the moment, keep an eye on the sites I posted above if you are traveling up this way, Bruce Hwy is still closed around Gympie.

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Maryborough and Hervey Bay rd is apparently open to traffic at the moment, however Bruce Hway to Maryborouh •Lamington Bridge closed (detour via Bruce Highway and Eatonvale Road). Bruce Hway around Gympie apparently still closed as the upper Mary peaks over 16 mtrs today (from current local radio reports) for the second time after 300 mm fell in the catchment area in the last 24 hrs so this will affect north/south travellers.

Locally shops are starting to get low on supplies, but expected to pick up over the next few days as soon as access is open from the main supply routes.

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