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Pimping the ProFish 45


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I was lucky when I bought my yak that it was a blank canvas besides a couple of mounts for some Berkley rod holders. So overtime fishing in it i've been able to think of ideas and as such have put some of them into effect and started to mod the ProFish. The main one being it has an awesome storage hatch in the middle between your legs but that hatch over it is either on or off and with it off there's no where to put the dam thing, so i've cut it up and anchored one end and hinged it and used some cord and a cleat to allow it to stay up. Only other thing is the usual esky in the back with some rod holders (Andrew if you read this post you would've notice your missing esky, shall fix that up when I see you next) Next on the plans is a Fishfinder and a rudder. But it never ends there as most of you would know and as such it'll probably change again in the future.


What the stock hatch looks like (not mine as i didn't do a before photo)


After hinge mod


Hatch open, cord underneath locks into cleat to hold it at any angle


Rod holder and esky


Kitted out and ready for more fishing

Thanks for looking and anyone who has a ProFish and wants to share some ideas just leave a post or pm me.



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