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Tilapia: Beaten By a Girl


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Hey guys.

Christophagus and I decided to go down to Pine Rivers Park and do our good deed to society and fish for some tillies.

The first 20 minutes were slow only catching one turtle which I named "Franklin"" but then Chris managed to catch the first pest of the afternoon which was 33cm. From then on it was One Cast,One Fish. For a good half an hour we caught about 12 which were all between 25 and 35 cm. This is where I caught my first ever Tilapia at 35 cm - the biggest of the arvo.

As the sun went down so did the fish - IN SIZE. For the rest of the arvo the Tilapia seemed to be pumping out some babies for us but are we surprised?

We used cooked peeled prawns from the deli and seemed to catch most whilst having a float attached. Overall I managed to catch 13 and chris 10 and 4 Franklins.

Less Tilapia = Happy :D






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