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Yaks - who's where this weekend?


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I'm re-joining the 8-5 ratrace and starting a new job on Monday, so I'm keen to get CEDRIC out on the water this weekend, maybe chase some of those Trevs and Jacks in the Coomera :woohoo:

Probably an early morning session, but no firm plan of attack yet.

Who is keen? Or are you heading elsewhere and want some company?

Let me know via PM or post here.


(Also posted on KFDU)

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If I knew where the fish were I'd already be there!

You are one step ahead of me,I've not looked up any tides yet, so I'll go with your plan (that way I can blame you if there are no fish ;) )

So....the ramp beside the freeway at 6.00am tomm. See you (and who-ever else shows up) there :)

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Bugger work I was going to do a 3am start for stocktake but they'll get over it so i'll join you guys on the Coomera tomorrow morning. Only thing is i'll be there abit earlier say about 430, i'll be launching at the same spot and heading towards the lake end to get the surface bite early before the boat traffic picks up.


I'll be where the red line is so keep an eye out for a blue Profish 45 with an orange paddle.

See everyone there



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