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Searching the skinny water


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After a long break from chasing Bass i got back into it this week with an old friend. The goal was to renegotiate some old water and see what the recent rain and flooding had done. I was a little concerned though that the general word around town was that the Bass were hard to come by since the flooding. It turned out to be not to far from the truth we had to work pretty hard for the fish we caught with a lot of the water being hard to fish because of debris.

But with all destruction around it seems the stream is bouncing back we found new holes that previously didn't exist and new structure to fish. Over the coming 12 months i am sure it's going to be better for it as the water carves out a new path along the stream bed.

Anyway here are some pictures, we got to test out the Cranka Cranks and they have now become one of my favourite cranks for the skinny water. We also got to throw some of the CX40's and Crackjacks with good success also.

We also stumbled upon a baby ringtail possum. Lucky my mate was a vet so he knew what to do and it wa straight from fishing to the vet surgery then onto a carer to take care of it. He told me it was probably only a couple of weeks old and extremely dehydrated.








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Hey guys thanks for all the kind words. Little grey man it is a nice spot there aren't a huge number of bass there but its always a good outing even if the fish aren't biting.

The camera for all the above water shots is actually my phone. It has heaps of settings on it that you can play around with. We don't usually take an SLR down there because we sometimes fall in the water or creek cross at some stage.

The underwater ones are on a Go Pro HD video camera i just screen captured the footage.

Hopefully if i can stop being picky a short video will be on youtube soon.

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