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Launch at Leis Park


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Hi All

I thought I might try tossing a lure in the Pine early Sunday morning. Having not been up there before, can anyone tell me if I can launch my Yak out of Leis Park just on the South side of the river off Gympie Rd. If not, where is a good place to launch to fish that stretch of the river.

Any other suggestions for good launching points for the North and South Pine rivers much appreciated.


Mr O

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North Pine - Leis Park is fine, but going upstream is a problem during the lower tide cycles. From Petrie, have a look at Sweeney Reserve. Note that the floods have altered the area. There's also Deep Water Bend.

South Pine - Bob Bell Park off Learmonth St (no water upstream of the ramp at low water), Barungwarra Bushland Reserve (turn right off Bald Hills Road just after Attunga St).

Google Maps is a great way to find other possible launch points.

Note that both rivers have been affected by the recent floods with the NP still quite dirty and the SP clearing up.


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