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Trifecta Macks - Schoolies, Spotties & a Spanish.


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Well what a great day.

Cant do a detail report as the brain is a little fuzzy from a 2:30am start, lumpy seas and a lot of sun.

But ill give you the general jist.

Things started off very nicely...


Young Fella thought a quick dip might cure the aweful aweful sea sickness...


But it didnt.


I decided to catch a fish. But wait, not quite what I expected...


So I tried again...


A little bit better...


Young Fella finally found that cure :)


And a good fun cure at that at 85cm on my Nordic Stage Partner (lightest rod and reel on the boat)!


Do I decided to have some more fun as well. Just over 100cm of Spanish :)


Then it was the skippers go :)


Tugger had mentioned earlier that a Mack Trifecta was a great thing so we were all pretty chuffed. Although Young Fella did look relieved when we reached dry land again.

I got the chance to meet up with a bunch of the AFO Wanderers on Wave Break as well. In my opinion this is the best group on AFO. A lot of "Groups" have been made but very little maintenance or point exists in them. The BFo wanderers have a great thing going and I applaude them for it!

Thanks again Tugger it was an awesome day and good to meet you Young Fella!


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looks like a good day, good to see young fella kept on fishing through the sickness, i'm sure he wouldn't have been the only one having a spew this morning out there after last night.

shame i couldn't make it down, would have been good to meet a few more AFOers.

hope to see a few more reports over the next few days

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Well done boys I spoke to tugger last night after work and said all the others donuted so tugger strikes again.I just hope he has left some for us next weekend.

Cain bad luck on the sea sickness :woohoo: :woohoo: but I would invest in some pills for the next trip not a very pleasant feeling.

Congarts GUS on your spannish mack there a tone of fun to catch is that a P.B

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That was awesome, those rods are just insane. Greaaaat fun!

Not sure about that grey shadow, i bet if i knew that was there i would have gotten out a bit quicker.

I had the pills when i went out with brad to boat rock. They didnt seam to do much either. I reckon its psychological, i think i talk myself into being sick.

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Oh yeah forgot to add, Those nordic rods are AWESOME! I will definetly be needed one of them.

Thanks everyone for the sympathy haha. It happens everytime I go offshore. I see awesome pictures of offshore fish, I go offshore, get REALLY SICK, someone pulls out a camera, I swear never to do it again, A few days later im keen again.

One day I might learn.

Anyone got any decky spots for the mackies next weekend? :P

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jeeeeeeeeeeez rob, didn't you repack them not so long ago? looks like a bomb went off in your hubs, i take it they blew on the highway?
no eug i replaced them when the new axle and brakes went on and i used the bearings supplied and i believe that was the problem, chinese shit! will be redoing thenm this week i think. luckily i have spares in the boot all the time repacked and ready to go, but no bloody wheel brace to fit the damn nuts, lucky it was only like 10 mins from home. and replacing them took not long at all, 10 mins maybe, just to get it home. strange how avery bit of grease was gone though, i mean every bit of it, and it was jam packed full of grease when installed.i have noticed that wheel getting hot for some reason as the grease has been melting on the wheel it's self and it is easy to turn, so not to tight and brakes are not overly tight,but will keep an eye on them this time around believe me. yeah they went just past springwood on the highway.

and gus! whats with the growth mate.? :lol: good to see ya again

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