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No Jack but a consolation... :)


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Headed out with Henry this morning to try for some jacks.

He convinced me tie on one of those popper things and it wasnt such a bad idea with the first fish of the day being my first Giant Herring :) Sorry about the quality of the Herring shots but we didnt stuff around and wanted to get him back in the water ASAP.




There were some other fish caught as well. Henry got this nice GT on 4lb braid and 4lb leader which really worked him out.


Then I got this cod...


Finished the day off with another nice GT. The less nice part was a bully easily around the 1.5m knocked him off boatside. Pretty cool to watch though!


Thats it from me. A sleep in the air con is a calling.


By the way, first Spanish Mack and First GH this weekend. Yew!


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man I was in awe watching that shark take the GT. I was looking around to try and find David Attenborough narrating it or something :D

Yeah that GT gave me a good workout... its funny. Not the biggest Trev in the world, but had me going for a good 5minutes on the Lox 1-3kg, Exist 1003 and 4lb. Was hoping it was a jack but still happy about the trev. It hit the popper/walker on the drop right on the edge.

Bloody Angus and his assy GH :P

Todays trip was definitely worth the effort to get up after a drinking session and 3 hours sleep :D

James - oneday the moons will align and we'll be able to get out mate :D

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