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Firebird strike again... (kingies, ambo, wahoo etc


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We left the harbour around 5ish and headed across the bay with classed out conditions. Started the troll at one of marks and troll to so a spot where we knew was kingies. First drop Ambo around the 8 to 9 kg mark on 300grm jigs. next drop same thing and i missed a good kingie on jig i lost him about 30mtrs from the boat i think it was a poor hookup. We had a couple more drops with a few hits and misses and a large tangle at the end. pulled the heavy game gear back out and trolled out to our deep deep mark and got reports over the radio of a mates boat that was jigging at the same spot that had 2 hook-ups with bills and 2 dollies we made the decision to continue to our mark. A mile from a mark a big game bost hooked a big billy we could see the jumps from where we were. I think they said it was 220kg ( from the weight id say it was a blue). Got to our mark and drop the electrics out with the whole mullets i caught the day before. Got a snag on one of the electrics i was looking after and from the depth and the show on the sounder we mangaged a fish from the snag got it close to the boat and another line must of hit the fish off but after a few skillful moves from the skipper we gaffed him from the surface. Second drift same thing happened and a big flametail was boated. long story abit shorter trolled abit more got a wahoo and came into another to jig and i managed around 10kg kingie guy had 2 good ojnes on and dropped them after short fish. Came into shallows and got a 9Yr old boy a few fish. moses, moon wrasse(which was put back into the water), red throat emp and a hussar which was also put back into the water to fight another day......

So you AFOers out there come on a trip on the boat send pm and will send you the link for the charter.

P.S Photos will be uploaded soonish

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