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Brisbane river mouth landbased options

The Mad Hughesy

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i fished the poo chute today, and no camera!

got 9 tailor on slugs ranging from 42cm-48cm

2 tailor on a stiffy minnow (free with a box of carlton mid) both inthe mid 40's

1 bream on the stiffy minnow 26cm

and a mullet on the stiffy minnow too it went 45cm and went burko!

so the poochute seems to be fishing ok :cheer:

as for other spots at the "mouth" thats it! as far as i know... i wish we could fish of the rock wall on the other side, that would be awesome!

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is you dont mind doin some walking or yakking on the sth side of the river across from the shell refinerie their are good rockwalls and old calapsed jetties to flick around

Hey man where's the Shell refinery? :S I can find the BP and Caltex refineries , did you mean one of those?

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