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Post your best bait caught fish


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Best spanish mackerel going approx 25kg caught on a live yakka


Best cobia going 30kg caught on a live yakka


Best jew going 18kg caught on a pilchard


Best green job fish at 10kg caught on a pilchard


Best GT approx 20kg on a live yakka


Best wahoo on a trolled gar


Best moses perch on a pilchard


Best dolphin fish on a live yakka


Best yellow tail king caught on a live trevally


PS all caught on mono line

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PB Jew at 6.5kg caught on a live yakka


PB Thready caught on a live prawn


looked like you were standing on a roof with that threddy at first, only scrolled down half the pic :lol:

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this wahoo wasn't bait caught, but it was the first fish caught off port vila and is important because i needed it to convince the 2nd fish it was hungry enough to come out from under the FAD...


wahoo (lure caught)


mahi mahi caught on trolled slab of wahoo

you used wahoo for bait??!!! :blink: i would have chased it down too to eat that bait!! that mahi mahi has good taste!

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As usual thats qaulity wes

i dont have my old pics on this computer but have best for 2010


snapper 71cm on a cut silver biddy


jew 85cm on dead blue herring


jack on mullet fillet

bait has been good for me :lol:

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PB Bullie at Shultz Canal on a half stingray flap


PB Thready at Brisbane River on a live herring


PB Bream at Maroochydore on a cooked prawn


(an oddity) PB Scat at Shultz Canal on a live prawn

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