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Gold Coast 22/07/06 - The Spit


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hi all,

managed a quick fish this morning at about 930am cos gf had to attend something at gold coast. first cast in one and a half years!

went down to the spit just past seaworld. decided to try out the small inlet or cove that had couple of boats .. walked all the way to the end and there was this small cove before before the road turned . its not at the tip of the spit. its inside the spit itself.

anyway, tide was pretty low so decided to see if there were any fish hiding in the water. water looked rather promising though, deep in the middle with some flats by the side.

tried a natural coloured 'prawn star' to no avail. and also tried a 2\" berkley pumpkin seed also to no avail. prob fished for close to an hour or hour and a half but nothing took the plastic.

was using 4 lb main with 6 lb leader and i think that's light enough but still no takers. probably my technique or something.

anyway if anyone's going fishing, let me know and i'll try to make it.



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yup one and a half years.. sigh come to think of it, i really wonder how i managed it...had to just make do with reading reports and magazines and just drooling over them..

i forgot to add in some things i saw as well. there were armies of little blue crabs on the flats and i did think of using them for bait but had nothing to catch them with. anyone have any idea if they're good as bait?

recced the versace jetty beside pete's seafood shop after that and saw some bream swimming among the oysters on the rocks. good sized bream too... i've posted essentially the same msg on ausfish.com too...

would like to go to breakfast creek if time permits... give me a shout..


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