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Campfires-Gas bottles


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An unfortunate timely reminder for those of us who like our bush/beach camping.

Always regularly check gas bottles/stoves/lights and hose fittings for damage or leaks before going camping and before and after use while camping.

taken from ninemsn today

Seven people were seriously burnt, including a young boy and two teen girls, after a damaged gas bottle exploded at a NSW campground.

The blaze, which happened at about 11pm last night at Point Plomer campground on the NSW north coast, engulfed tents and sleeping bags at the campground.

A six-year-old boy from Crescent Head sustained burns to more than 80 percent of his body after the sleeping bag he was in caught fire.

A 42-year-old man from Port Macquarie also sustained burns to 80 percent of his body.

A 40-year-old woman from Crescent Head had burns to her legs, face, neck and arms.

Two 15-year-old girls from Crescent Head and two 20-year-old men were also taken to hospital.

All seven campers are in serious condition.

A police spokeswoman told ninemsn it is believed the damaged bottle was ignited by a nearby campfire.

A crime scene has been established and police are speaking with several witnesses.

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I was in the camping grounds at Neurum last year, and late in the arvo the guy in the area beside me decided to light his gas lamp. Sudddenly a great flame emitted from the valve of the bottle and he couldn't get his hand anywhere near the valve to turn it off. He picked up the bottle and threw it out on the track between the camping areas (beside my car). I didn't move my car as it was providing a buffer for our campsite in the event of an explosion. Fortunately another camper had a fire extinguisher and bravely rushed in and put it out.

The wanker that lit the leaky bottle even had the hide to refuse to pay the good samaritan for the cost of the fire extinguisher recharge.

Turned out that the bottle was years out of date, but he didn't want to waste the gas in it.

In my opinion, if somebody causes injury as a result of using an out of date bottle it should be treated the same as injury through negligent driving. Throw the book at em.

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