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North Pine Dam Yak and Canoe day with photos


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We all had a good day with perfect conditions.

Here are a few snaps of different sections.I couldnt get photos of a lot of the events as my granddaughter had me under the thumb for most of the time and I was kept busy collecting money for cold drinks and sausages.

Stuffed it up will reinsert photos later when i have settled down.






Impressive bit of gear those caninghis.











Impressive payload and stability those caninghis they only had 6 largish blokes in it this time I missed it when they had seven in it.





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One more.

Scored myself a minnkota cap and a couple of minnkota stickers from Glen at Northside Marine.

Glen gave some very impressive demos of his i-pilot. He stood on the shore and sent a couple of blokes on a tour of the inlet using the i-pilot to remotely steer the boat. Range must be a couple hundred metres. He also plotted a course and sent them on a tour and also had the boat sitting i9n the middle of the inlet holding position using the position lock function. He definatly has a few nibbles that should end up with a sale.

Other interesting displays and talks from FFSAQ and SEQ water the SEQ water person gave a very informative insight on the operations of wivenhoe and the events leading up to the recent flooding.



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Rosco Caninghi


Fancy going fishing with a car-topable, paddle powered or motorized craft without getting wet or sitting in a puddle of cold water?

What about taking the wife and kids or just by yourself?

Or loading up and going camping with no weight restrictions (maybe you are a bigger person)?

Well, now you have an option.

‘Revolutionary’ is a word used all the time, but ‘evolutionary’ is the word Ross Cook of Rosco Canoes uses to describe his newest product: Caninghi (pronounced can’ing’gi), a cunning description of half canoe, half dinghy. The name says it all.

By recognising the big shortcomings of sit on top fishing kayaks, he realized there was a big need for a very light, stable, stand up fishing platform, offering the flexibility to paddle or the choice of adding an electric motor for stealth or the sheer power of an outboard! ‘Walla’, said Ross, the designer of all Rosco canoes and kayaks. The Caninghi was born.

It’s the only craft Ross has ever created without any consideration for wave penetration or length/beam ratio for speed. Indeed this was the perfect time to test the old "form follows function". From the initial shaping of the plug the name was Ugly Duckling, but the finished product is really quite beautiful. Infact, everybody comments on how nice it looks on the water.

How about a 4.5m length, a huge 1.2m beam canoe? But how can you paddle something that wide? You couldn’t reach over the gunwale. Aha, the answer...huge tumblehome (inward curvature of side from bottom to gunwale). Add a concave rail to aid tracking, a really flat bottom (hardly any dead rise), a little transom. Yes, it’s all falling into place. Next was the fitout.

Internal side pockets would be dual purpose; reduce the structural loads on the big flat bottom and support the deck, plus provide huge storage pockets able to take the largest tackle boxes, PFDs etc, etc. Curved buoyancy tanks would be under little decks either end.

Now, for the evolutionary part: padded, fold-down, lift-out seats that slide along the aluminium gunwale and are reversible, extra seats would just drop in. A flat section on the deck (100mm wide lengthwise) is perfection, a ‘blank canvas’ to do custom fit outs (no moulded spots for anything). Rod holders, fish finders, rocket launchers, bazookas, whatever you want!

Sounds great, but how do you get this big volume craft light enough to car top?

In a quick answer, it’s called technology. Vacum resin infusion with a foam core.The weight at this stage is about 30kg, but as refinements come through, ultimately maybe carbon under 20kg. Wow!

So, the next brilliant concept was slide-in wheels. Drive up, unload the Caninghi, put wheels in, load up everything (motor, batteries, esky, bait, the rods) and wheel down to the water. Keep pushing, jump in and motor/paddle off a little, reach over the side, remover the wheels (yes, they float) and store inside. On returning reverse or by-pass the procedure and use a small trailer.

Another brilliant idea is that you can fit a motor both ends or either end.

Even battery storage is smart; they slide in behind the side pockets. No clamps or tie-ins, they just sit there. I recommend a battery on either side; one to get you there and the other one (if needed) to get you home. Or maybe,none, just paddle.

Another cutting edge development is the option of a gated lean bar. This allows the fisherman the ability to support while casting, or even throwing a casting net from a standing position. The bar also opens to allow for freedom of movement forward and back......this sort of level of stability and movement is a first for canoes & kayaks.


1.Ability to walk the full length of the craft. Yes, right up to the ends in complete confidence. No built in thwarts or cross members.

2.Huge storage areas under side decks.

3.Surprising light for its size (under 30kg), but with wheels you can load near car and wheel down & float off & remove.

4.Choice of paddle or motors ( electric/petrol)

5.Incredible stability makes for stand up fishing a norm, especially with the optional unique lean bar as a reference balance point

6.Ability to carry big pay loads suited to small or very big people (no limit). Also do-it-yourself custom fit outs.

7.The Caninghi can be supplied completely bare ( no fittings at all on side decks ie " a blank canvas"

8.Ability to be a single or more persons just by adding extra seats.

9.Wonderful ability to sit on padded seats (backrest too) at a comfortable height (not on floor) & being able to slide, reverse the seats up & down the boat, drop in additional seat to carry extra passenger.

10.Custom colours & fit out options, and light or heavy duty construction using state of the art manufacturing fibreglass process vacum infused foam sandwich.


Standard features - one deluxe rail seat, two Scotty baitcaster rod holders

Optional features -

•Extra seat(s) $180 each

•Outboard motor seat $180

•Wheel set $230 Std or $300 Lrg

•Extra rod holders $62 (Scotty Baitcaster)

•Gated stand-up bar $250

•Quick-release plate for bow mount electric motor $99

•Motor mount to suit petrol outboard-custom outboard mount $150

•Custom bow mount $150

•Battery Charger 4 amp/hr $120

•Batteries $POA

•Many more custom options are available - please call our sales staff to discuss the full range of features.

Motor Options -

The Caninghi is a fantastic fishing platform designed to be powered by either a petrol outboard or a electric trolling motor. There is a variety of choice in motor options including both stern and bow mount configurations.

Rosco Canoes recommend the use of 44/55lb thrust electric trolling motors, for example engines from Watersnake or Minn Kota. As for outboards, the maximum recommended is 2.5 horsepower. Rosco Canoes is proud to supply outboards by Honda.

The staff at Rosco Canoes are happy to discuss with you the best engine configuration for your for personal setup and supply and fit all the gear!

Hop on board the Caninghi, the world`s first stand up canoe!

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