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Maroon dam visited (lots of pics)

Zim man

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hi all

some mates and i went to maroon dam for the weekend. i left on friday lunchtime, and after meeting up with part of the group proceeded to the maroon park holiday camp.

we set up camp and then went to launch the boat just after 4pm. this being my first time at maroon, i want to check out the lay of the land so to speak and i did feel handicapped without my sounder.

my mate brett had never fished for aussie bass before (only largemouth bass) and it was only his second time ever fishing in oz.

i had a few short hits on the spinnerbaits. a little while longer and the first bass was on board, falling to the Pontoon 21 Greedy Guts 55mm.



a few pics and more casts and and then a change of spots. Brett took the greedy guts and i used a GPS spinnerbait in AYU colour. This time the spinnerbait did the damage.



A short time later and a tiny spangled fell to the greedy guts.

It was getting dark now and we headed towards the launch way and i tried out a D pop. i was getting lots of hits but no real takers. Brett decided to cast behind by popper and reel slowly to match my retreive speed. i missed a bass and seconds later his lure passed under my popper and got smashed andhe had his first bass.

I told him the hit would be unmistakable and he was well impressed.




later that night bretts brother craig arrived and his tent was set up. early rise the next day and brett and i headed out, craig opting to sleep.

The skiers did not waste time and descended like the flies. we fished for 3 hours and pulled stumps for breakfast. I managed 2 bass and brett got 2 bass and a spangled. fish were caught on the GPS spinnerbait and the P21 greedy guts. The spangled perch seemed to like th egreedy guts

Also saw some interesting cloud formations around the tops of the hills.






After sweating out the midday heat, we set out with craig as well at 3pm. Ski lice were in plague proportions, one individual even set up his gazebo on the launch way. Abit of careful manuvouring and we were in. A quick dip in the lake and then the fishing started. it took a while to get the first in as it definitely gets better the later in the day you get.

i got two fish in quick succession on the spinnerbaits and silenced the naysayers on the boat. i then sat in the middle and let craig and brett take the deck whilst i controlled the boat. i gave a few pointers (not that i am an expert but in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king) . Soon Craig dropped a good fish before landing another shortly afterwards. He was 37/38 cms in length. A spot change and craig got another the same size followed by a slighlty smaller one. I changed to a small popper and cast it out, then i forgot about it, spending more time taking pics and general chitchat. suddenly the water erupts and my line is moving at a rate of knots, a nice fight revelaed my first bass on popper.







a little later i picked on up on the spinnerbait and brett got another spangled on the greedyguts.

next morning a quick 5am mission was launched but it only produced one fish to me on a spinnerbait. the heat came in but we managed to pack up camp and head back.

it is a really nice dam, but i would prefer a camping ground where boats can be moored overnight. and the flies were nasty, like i was in south australia. Maybe is all the cow crap or the skiers that attract them.

All up, Craig had 3 fish, Brett had 4 fish and i had 9 fish. most fish fell to GPS spinnerbaits in 1/4oz in AYU shad colour and the reaminder to Greedy Guts in natural brown colour. Retrieve was a pretty slow steady retrive close to weedbeds drop offs. The water was clear as well, around 5 feet. i think i have converted 2 new guys to the joys of aussie bass fishing

thanks for reading.

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Sounds like a good weekend. Now that Camp Lakefire is under the management of Steve Wilkes that would be the place to go. Its situated up close to the timbered area and hence away from the ski lice and your boat is safe at the waters edge.

Might be the nplace to have this years winter camp if nothing is planned yet.



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thanks guys for the comments, yesterday would have been a killer for the heat. it was overcast on most evenings which suits me as i prefer overcast for alot of my fishing. rain threatened all around but luckily we dodged it. Lake Camp fire is our next destination i think. Maroon park holiday camp now has a $150 deposit (by credit card only) when you are camping. It is to discourage loud boozers etc, but i was still a little uncomfortable with all their rules there.

once i get my sounder back online i will head out for another weekend there.

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