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Coomera Catch up version 2


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So here's how it went down for Angus and me on Saturday.

A nice easy drive to get the boat on the water just before the sun got up and in perfect time for Doobsy and Sweresy to turn up. We were pretty excited to trying out some new rods and test out their performance on some fish.

Lot's of surface action everywhere, but a lot of the were just the usual mullet making a rukus. A quick chat with the boys and the challenge of 3 longest fish caught, losers buy the pies.

Cruising along the banks we cast at some very fishy looking snags and overhangs for nothing. Until we got the the spillway and Angus was first on with a little bream. A few more casts and a little flattie comes onboard.


We keep casting for a few hits but no more hook ups. So we rounded the corner for a hit at some pontoons.


Angus put a cast near the back of a pontoon and as our boat went past it he got hit and his line went off. How he didn't get busted off I'll never know but the fish had gone around the back of the pontoon and had the line wrapped around the side... hard to explain but anyway... a nice GT came up.


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Another drift over the same spot and Angus was on again... another flattie. We donated this one to a guy that was fishing off his pontoon a couple of houses down.


We headed back to the spillway to start the drift again and we had a double hook up. Angus cast at a little bust up while I cast into the overflow.



slowly made our way back to the same pontoons and had a few hits and missed hook ups. I got a cast in at a bust up and came up trumps on a big eye.


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Ran into Doobs and Sweresy for a quick catch up on tallys. We handed over a couple of the new rods to them for a flick and from looking at the gear they were using, they were way smaller and lighter than what they were using.

Met up with the boys again and bid them farewell as we powered along downstream. We went to hit some pontoons and I called out for Angus to have a cast at the corner of a pontoon because I could see some bream feeding on the edge. perfect cast in and half a second into the drop he picks up a nice 27cm bream.

[attachment]DSC_ 2468.jpg[/attachment]


a few more fish here and there and I came up with a decent bream.


by then it was 1pm so we started motoring back towards the ramp. We did run into a big bust up on the way back and so I tied on a popper and hooked up to a couple of big eyes. Had to leave them biting as we had to get home... anyway. Thats it.. thats all :)

Heres a pic of some of the aresenal we had out... :)



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^^ nah mate. Frog PE... I found it sh**s on TD Sensor. I had TD sensor on my 1000 stella originally and found I got heaps of wind knots. So much so I had to dump the full spool because I got this massive one about 40m into the spool. Put on Frog PE and have had maybe 4 wind knots since. Every single one of them I was able to pull apart, no cutting.

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