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Not enough Buckets. NPD 3/3/11.


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When i was organisingntodays trip with Robin he said how many buckets will I bring to take my redclaw home and I told him half a dozen.

H nusnt have believed me as he only brought 3.

It was a nice day but a bit hot as there was no wind all day.

I dropped one tilapia and Robin scored a nice one that went over 35.



I got a couple of pesky turtles and we cleaned up on the gar.

Found the secret is to dangle redclaw tail a few inches below the surface and just drop your bait in the school of gar feeding on the tail and just wait for you line to move sideways. Most times you can see that the gar has actually swallowed the bait.

We filled up my 6 buckets and then had to bag up the excess for Robin to take home.

Reckon he is still tailing and deveining them.

Felt like a bit of a mongrell when we got back to the ramp when he immediatly lit up a durry.He did well to last 7 hours without. Told him he should have lit up.

Thanks for the company.



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Good experience going out there with you Ray, and yes I could not believe how many Red claw you pulled up, I managed to give all of them away but 1 bucket, me and a few friends decided to boil them up and devain them and after a few hours we were happy getting nice and fat on these.

I will be back for more.

That smoke was so worth the wait.

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