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Bribie Stonker and a few littlelies


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Just got back from another trip to Bribie, the flatty are really there in numbers and holding close to the lights. I think this dirty water has driven them there as I imagine it would be alot easier to see what they are eating ;)

Anyway.. picked up about 12 undersized, all around 30-35cm and then this stonker. I don't have a brag mat but as you can tell its fat. All released to fight another day!

Pumpkinseed minnow and grub have been doing all the damage for me lately.



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Hey mate, probably the shitty mobile phone camera haha. 6 pound fireline, was just a lump of weight with a few thumping headshakes till he saw my evil eyes then took a quite a bit of line off me. Was about 30m from shore had to take my time getting him there :)

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