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Some bay locals


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Runty and I hit up the bay again today messing around with the usual suspects. Fishing started off tough but using the light gear paid off and we had some fun with squire, dart, tailor and various sweetlip species including runty's first spangled emporer. We also got bricked about 6 times but it was worth it because we probs wouldnt have hooked them using the heavy stuff. It was a great day to be out, all fish were released.










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Well done boys a few nice catches there (what's the last fish?) bit annoyed I didn't get out today the weather was great. Hugo is that a Rarenium you're using or a pflueger reel of some description?

yeah Ant its a rarenium, love it. wouldnt have a clue what the last fish is, that switchblade was catching all sorts of strange (mostly undesirable) things. You can see the damage on the back of it from a giant sea toad :P

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Your spangled emps are actually grassy sweetlip :)

Spangled Emps are usually found outside the bay and are a lot more "yellow" in colour.

Nice report lads good work!


cheers Gus, yeah they were mostly grassies, but i think one runty got was a little spangly. It might not show out in the pic but as you said it was alot more yellow in colour when it came out of the water and had fairly different colourations to the grassies. I've caught a few up north on the reef before. I might be wrong though! Runty might not be too happy if you broke the news to him :P

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cheers fellas, weather was starting to blow up at around 12 but was pretty good in the morning.. Hiding behind 'the island ' ;) was very calm so eneded up to be an awesome day on the water with some dencet fish landed on light gear!

Just got up from my arvo nap and feed.. back to bed for me :P

And im not 100 percent sure it was a spangly, but know for sure it defs wasnt a grassie are they are alot darker in colour.. the photo doesnt really show the yellowly bits as it did as it came out of the water :)

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I wish everyone discussing the off topic garbage would just hit the Report to Moderator button in the first instance so the appropriate action can be taken. I also wish people that have off-topic comments would either contact the report writer via PM or make a general thread of their own on the topic.

OK Thread has been cleaned up and all off topic stuff is gone (except for kreel's abstract contribution).

There's been a bit of excess rubbish in the forum lately, so we'll now have to see if zero tolerance will help increase the quantum of reports being submitted.

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