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Mini Bucks 2012 Round 3 - My Report


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Great day on the water.

Thanks again Nabs for the deckie spot.

We started the day pretty slowly picking up a few fish early but all in the 26-27cm range (fish for this event must be 25 tip).

My first keeper was a 27cm that fell to a NW Pencil tight up against an old wooden structure.


A couple more fish later and we were really keen to get an upgrade or 2. I started peppering a rock wall with a 44mm Pontoon 21 Greedy Guts when BANG! A few serious runs and some low sitting thumping pounds. Called it for a trev due to the number of circles and depth it sat but up came a solid upgrade (and I think biggest for the event).

After hanging out with Henry so much I had temporarily forgotten which way a cap goes... :P


You can see clearly in the photo the difference between the previous size and new guy in the house.


After a couple of slow hours pulling heaps of 23-24cm fish (we would have got 30 all up) we finally found a bank producing a lot of hits. As we followed this bank all the way to a bridge I finally had another good hit and fight on an Eco Gear Aqua Prawn and the 2nd +30cm was landed for the day.


Nabs follwed soon after off the same bridge with his best for the day and our 3rd 30cm+.

P.S. Nabs you make all fish look big!


We didnt end up in the top 3 but were not far off it (4th or 5th still waiting on the official rankings).

All in all a great day and looking forward to the next Mini Bucks in April!


P.S. I will let Manni and Henry tell of their exploits seperately :)

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Nice report mate :)

Henry and I took the event pretty seriously !!!

First photo is of the teams getting ready to leave from HQ


As you can see from this next photo, Henry was still getting his gear ready... as for me I was having a smoke and taking some happy snaps :unsure:


So yeah..... we meant business !!!!! haha

20 minutes later we left HQ & we didn't venture far, we motored to the other side of the canal and worked top water lures... plenty of strikes and soft hookups but no fish !!! To cut a long story short we chased Bream for an hour or two, Henry did manage one just under legal but was back in the water before I could take a pic.

We ended up hitting the broadwater thinking we'd chase them on the flats only to be distracted by very large trevally feeding !!!

We chased them for quite a while but they weren't staying up top for long, they even busted up right next to the boat scaring Henry :woohoo: :woohoo: they were pretty big, some of the surface hits on bait were better suited to offshore instead of the broadwater!!! after that we just messed around and called it a day.

Next time we need to be a little more committed :)

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HAHAHHA I cracked up when I saw that photo. That fish would have been 30cm to the tip max. Ahhh the benefits of being small :side:

Thanks for the company Angus. Was an awesome day, nothing big but we managed to rack up the numbers! Been a while since Ive had a good sesh in the boat on the bream so it was a relief to know I can still catch them!

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Angus, I happen to live roughly 2 minutes walk away from that 3rd bridge in your report and I would have to say that is one of the best bream spots on the coast. Looks like you had an awesome session!

Cheers for the heads up.

Total accident after trying A LOT of pontoons for not a whole lot.


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