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Wahoo On The Chew...


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I decided to head out thru South Passage on Saturday and give the Marlin chasing a break for a change. Also had a mate on board that had never been on the boat. We headed to the 29’s to chase some Snapper, not a touch there so headed wide to a mark where the AJ’s have been biting. All three of us dropped livies at the same time and had a 3 way hookup only to be sharked on the way up. Every drop we had we hooked up and every fish was lost to sharks. After an hour and a bit I got sick of loosing my tackle so we went for a troll around the 50’s. No strikes on the troll so we went in close where a mate was getting some solid Spanish Mackerel. We had no luck there either and I was starting to think we were going home empty handed when we made a last ditch effort to head for a bait school that my mate had seen on the sounder earlier on in the day. Once we got close to the mark we saw hundreds of birds diving with huge fish cutting thru the water attacking the bait. We put the riggers out and trolled straight thru the middle of them and got a double hookup straight away. One rod had a Wahoo on it and the other a Dolly. After the third jump the dolly was lost, while my mate was pulling the lure in, he was hit by another Wahoo, after a couple of seconds in to the fight a Shark came out of nowhere and launched the wahoo into the air tearing it in half, not good but an awesome sight to see. We got a few more fish with some Yellowfin and Stripes thrown in, called it a day around 3pm and headed home for a well earned beer.





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