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Mud Island, Sat 10th


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Went out for my first ever fish at Mud on Saturday. My deckie pulled out at the last minute, and my late friday night posting on AFO didn't come through with a replacement deckie, so Mrs Seiran stepped in for the day.

As Mrs Seiran isn't really that into fishing I couldn't get out as early as I would have liked , but in the end we hit the water at about 7:30am, launching at the port and heading from there out to Mud.

The run out was really good. I've just put a new, second hand, 2004 130 hp yammie on the back of Cetus and this was the first time I've been able to give it some to see how it runs. The boat flies! Unfortunately I think she might now be a little too stern heavy as the weight of the yammie is bumping the max engine weight for the boat, and with the fuel load also in the back she sits a bit too low for my liking. She also has a very messy spray and rooster tail out from the back which I think might be from the load. I'm hoping a hydrofoil and either trim tabs or flotation pods will fix the problem. Otherwise I'll be downgrading to a 90hp.

Anyway. I wasn't sure where to fish out at Mud. My neighbour told me that on the eastern side it was easy to spot the reef as all the other boats would be around the same spot, and he wasn't wrong. It was like a floating boat yard. I tried to stay away from the boat yard and I managed to sound out a nice little reef to the North East of Mud with a big bait fish school and some big fish hanging around.

We were having no luck on the plastics so we swapped over to pilchards and immediately started to get hits.

My first fish was a grinner. Hooray!


After that we started to get into the grassies. I managed to get six grassies within about an hour and a half, ranging from 26cm up to 29cm. Of course they all went back in.


Then, as the morning started to get on, the squire came on the bite and we managed to get three of those bad boys. Ranging from 20cm up to 28cm.

And Mrs Seiran managed to catch her FIRST EVER FISH! It was only a tiny little fella, but hey, she was stoked and I was stoked for her.


The fish then went off the bite and we decided to move over to the boat yard. We sounded around for a bit and found a nice little drop off and dropped our lines. All we managed in an hour fishing this area was one emperor, 28cm. I think it may have been a spangled emperor but I didn't take a photo.

And that was it.

We didn't catch any keepers but had a great day out on the water and the little fellas kept us entertained for a few hours. Hopefully I'll have more luck next Saturday when I hit up Harry's.

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Thanks prawnhead. Yeah, she was pretty happy and she is now looking forward to going out again. Which is always good.

In regards to the boat, I moved the battery up the front and also put a reserve 20L drum of petrol up in the cabin rather than in the tank which managed to balance her out a bit better. I only had 40L of fuel in the back on Saturday too. I'm concerned that when I fill the tank she will sit low again.

I guess I'll find out on Saturday.

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Tempting. But if I do off load this engine I'll be putting in the extra to buy a new one with a 5 year warranty. Probably a 2-stroke merc.

Mrs Seiran was pushing me to do that before I bought the Yammie. If I ignore her again I'll get it in the ear.

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