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I am going Boat surfing on Monday


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i will be in shane can follow :woohoo: than he will get some air. B)

Il probaly be in the 6 o clock news if i go out moday.

I wonder if bill coreton does his bar crossing on days like these. Id be so keen to go out with him.

Did a trip with Bill C off of Fraser Island at the last Toyota Fraser comp, after fishing had been canned for a couple of days due to the conditions. He is certainly somebody that you feel comfortable with. The swell that day was about 4.5m with a fair bit of chop and I recall on the way in as we approached Indian Head that we were travelling at around 40km/h (gps) and that the swell was overtaking us. Funny feeling that when so much water goes past you and you fall off the back, when all your instincts tell you that you should be passing the swell, not the other way around. Needless to say the run back up the gutter to the launching area was somewhat interesting.....as was loading back onto the trailer. (Thanks Bill)

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