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Cast net trade - large for small


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Don't do it.

As soon as you learn how to throw you will want to go back to a bigger one.

If you really need to, buy a cheap crappy small net to build up your confidence.

How big is the net anyway?

This is the way I find easiest:


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You north or southside of Brisbane? Have you had anyone who can actually throw a net try and find what the problem is? Are you casting over the shoulder or not?

Welcome to call past my place and show me what you are doing. Generally, The larger the net the better your chances of getting the prawns - I was trying to improve my cast with my net which I found difficult. Then I attended a function where Dave Downie had just taken delivery of his which had a bigger circumference than my net which I was finding awekward. He invited me to throw his, got two throws in a row which were perfect. I was told not to change a thing. It can be a lot to do with the quality of your net too.


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