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Hot Bite, My first legal Mulloway x3


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Woke up this morning around 0400 for no reason, my body clock is all out of whack.

So I looked at the weather and the wind was dropping enough to raise my interest,

Loaded up the boat and off I went, down to Pinkemba Boat ramp. Not a car or trailer to be seen!

blasted my way up fishermans passage and over to an old spot I used to catch not much on.

Today was my lucky day, not a boat to be seen.

I had a Berkley hollow belly plastic on a half ounce jig head, first drop BANG I landed a nice 48cm Squire

The fishing went a little quiet so I put the rod in the holder and started to get the bait jig rigged when my

rod buckle over big time, I got into the fish and turned it for a second then it screamed off and busted me off. :angry:

I quicky searched my tackle bag for another hollow belly, but none in sight. so on went an electric chicken z man stretch 5in.

I managed a 36cm squire, I tried a few other marks near by for naught, so I hit the original spot up again, the tide had turned, I was gently bouncing the lure when all of the sudden it was slammed, I had 30lb main line and 40lb leader,

I was almost bricked a couple of times. a couple of minutes later I landed this 85cm Jew! Stoked.

followed by a 75cm and another 85cm model. great powerful runs, the third fish needed a swim but then swam off well.

Awesome morning, home by 1230, work by 1400.



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