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Braodwater Fishing


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Called my mate Steve last week to see if he wanted to come for a fish on Saturday, he said "no" but offered a trip to me on his Boat chasing Jacks. Well we planned to chase Jew for the top of the tide in the afternoon and then chase a Jack later in the evening. We went looking for live bait for three hours with no success which made the old boy a little grumpier than he usually is... While still looking for live bait we spotted the GT's busting up not too far away so we trolled the area and landed 3-4 of them. Both Steve and I lost fish on a double hookup.



When the tide slowed we went to the Seaway to try for a Jew with plastics but nothing happened. The call was made to try a patch of coffee rock we stumbled on earlier and drop some plastics on it. Steve's first drop resulted in a little Cobia which was quite a shock to me being in the Broady.


I was next to hookup on a a new reel I'd purchased That morning. I said to Steve "I'm on start the motor this ones a big one" Steve said "how much line you got on that reel" I said " 150 meters hurry up and drive" Steve said " Why on earth have you only got 150 meters you *&%^ing idiot" as he said that I had pulled the hooks on what I suspect was a Kingfish. We then decided to chase a Jack, by this time the rain and storms had well and truly set in for the evening, we pushed on to try a new spot but had no luck on the jacks, I got a little Spangled Emperor with a heap of big Bream to 40cm and Steve got a heap too.


At 11pm we had enough so headed back to the ramp. Just before we arrived Steve said "Throw your lure over the side and I'll troll past this boat" so I did and not a minute later I had a little Nanny on the end of the line.


It was good to get back in to the Broady after not fishing it for months now.



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Thanks Fellas.

Manni, we watched a bunch of boats chasing them around and not hooking up, if I was in my boat I probably would have done the same thing but the bloke I fished with is a trolling fenatic and swears by it. The results speak for themselves.



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