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I used to think my ute was quick...........

max pwr

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I've got a fg xr6 turbo ute with a few basic mods making 290kw at the wheels, bought it 3 years ago and not being a street racer I've always been happy with how it went, until I drove this.....


It's my mate's that I live with fg gs SUPERCHARGED v8 ute :woohoo: sick! absolutely awesome bit of kit. Windsor 5litre with 6bolt mains and a harrop charger on it.


Unreal that you can walk into a ford dealer these days and drive one of these off the showroom floor for under 50grand and tuned they'll make around 500hp at the wheels B)

oh yeah, got this in the shed at home too, xb 2 door with a 500hp 351 ex sprintcar offenhauser and manualised c10 auto....been about 6 years in the making so far, should be ready this year sometime, just wheels and interior to go.definitely just a fair weather sunday cruiser this one :)


This is a pic from a year ago and the engine bay is roughly lined with stainless in this pic and still has the protective film on it, it's finished off now and looks the goods......

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