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Best Kayak For $800


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Hi guys,

Atm i have a $400 yak from bcf that ive added a few things to, to make it what it is. But im lookig to upgrade to a kayak more suited to fishing. Ive done some searches on here and cant find anything related to this topic. so what is your opinions on the best kayak for round the 800 mark. i can possibly push it to 1000. Help would be awesome

Thanks Guys

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For $1000 you'll get an excellent 2nd hand yak.......wouldn't be surprised if someone reads this thread and has one they'll want to offload......as surfingant says an espri or other viking yak like a profish are really good yaks, I've owned both and really really loved them.

Or just get into huge debt and buy a 6m centre console :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: seriously....do it

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I'd go 2nd hand definately. That way it will already be set up for you. For that price range you should be able to get one of the following yaks

Viking Espri, Profish, Tempo

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 (if your lucky)

Hobie Quest

Stealth Superlite, Superlite X (fibreglass offshore weapons)

Mantra Palani (brand new with seat and paddle, 5 rod holder, check out the link in my signature)

Perception Swing

Wavedance Kingfisher

Ocean Kayak Prowler

If I remember any more I'll add them.

I just got an email from Rays Outdoors they are having a 25% off sale for all kayaks, not sure when it starts.

Viking Kayaks at Chermside, Procatch at Sunnybank Hills, Hobie under the gateway, Adventure Outlet at Southport are some of the places that you can buy new from. And of course Anaconda have great deals at times on kayaks.

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Similar question but more 1500 range,

preferabbly with a fish finder.

Any of the above ones I have mentioned but new should get you a yak and fishfinder. Not much use buying second hand if you have that much or if your lucky you might get an outback in that price range.

I would seriously look at the Tarpon 120, Prowlers and Quest.

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