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Birkdale is crap


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G'day mate

Sorry to hear about the lack of fish! All the waterways around Brisbane should have something to offer anglers. Some locations wont have a great range or size, but should at least have something! I don't know of any waterway with no fish, and refuse to believe such a waterway exists, particularly tidal zones!

Perhaps let us know what you have been trying? Details of the location? What tides, structure, time of day etc? Other members might be able to offer some advice or suggestions/ideas to try for next time.

Sometimes fishing is tough, others its easy. When the fishing is tough, its those anglers who are willing to try new things so work out what the fish will eat that typically end up with the fish! So hopefully we can throw up a few new ideas for you?


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I have been going around say 2 o'clock in the arvos, I've been using a 2-4kg rod with a 1000 reel, 8lb braid with 10lb FC leader. I have been flicking around the two big drains around the big bend on dorsal Drive and the main bridge along the rocks. I've been flicking along the shallows of the rock walls, flicking right under the close by pontoons, flicking along the 2 big T shaped posts under the bridge and out in the open mostly on the surface. I've been using walk the dog lures, small shallow diving hard bodies and soft plastics. It has been middle tide.

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On 27/3/2012 at 4:48 PM, straddiebrad said:

you beat me too it i was going to say that if you go to a certin corner house in birkdale there is always heaps of fish there on a saturday arvo :)

I am not sure if you will see this but is it the block that has the big grain next to it? And if so what do you use there as I have tried a couple times with soft plastics and are yet to get a fish?

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On 28/03/2012 at 6:33 AM, Bommie said:

no line is completely invisible, they might claim it on the pack and it may look like it when it's in the water and you are looking at it from land but put a pair of goggles on and jump in, all line stands out like dog's balls underwater

Agree - I also think a thinner line will cut/disturb the water less when you are jigging (less spooky for the fish). Going lighter always leads to improving your chances.

Go as light as you can go and only when you are hooking up and getting consistently busted up due to line weight would you uprate.

Better to get hits and busted up rather then no hits at all.

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