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Wild weather in the bay


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Headed out in the bay after work around 2pm for a quick sess. I was aching to go out again since the weekend. I was hoping the weather man got it wrong again but he was spot on 20-25 knot winds with passing showers. Trip out was slow and wet. There wasnt much of a swell just wind and breaking waves. Had to take it easy.

Half way in we saw black clouds. First instinct was a storm but it was just passing rain. Heaps of it too.

Drove around for bit until we got our first fish. It was again my mate abduls first mackerel. It took him for a good run.

The fish started to come in slowly. We lost a fair few too and got snipped off number of time.End tally was 6 mackerel.

As the rain got stronger we decided to head back. On way saw a school of tuna busting up. Had a few cast at them on surface for nothing. Than we started to let the lures sink for while. Not long after we were both on. I landed mine after 15 minutes, my mate lost next to boat. His leader knot came loose last minute. After that the rain had come over too and the tuna went dissapeared.

Called it a day and headed back in. Back at the ramp by 5.30.






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Nice work. Good to see a few mackerel on the mat. Thinking about saturday but its predicting close to 20. So its still pretty choppy around peel to amity with this direction wind

It was rough in bay today. There were times i was going to turn around but yea lol.

Man saturday morning might be okay.Get in early i reckon. A few spotties around that way atm. Just gotta find them. I was going to go that way but it gets pretty bad around peel with 20 knots.

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another good session mate...u sure make the most of it...i hope to head out on the weekend for a troll session

I still havnt caught anything trolling spoons under paravains yet. We trolled for a bit today over schools of tuna but no luck. I think our skirts were too big. Tired spoons but they kept popping up.

Haha what else m i meant to do tuesday arvo lol

Im slowly catching up to your school mackerel tally for this year.

I might sneak out friday with my mate weathers looking okay. Il be fishing blind if i take my boat though my sounder is getting fixed. It doesnt want to turn on i think water got into it after our bumpy ride today.

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Your nuts Shane it was blowing bad with what looked like a storm brewing

Thats what i thought when i saw the clouds going in. It was passing rain. I went the back way rather than river mouth.

It wasnt that bad once we were out the wind dropped while we fished it picked up again once we crossed the mouth coming back.The last photo is at the mouth coming back.

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Looks good Shane, did you get them on slugs!


I got longtail on a slugs. My mate got 2 mackerel on slugs i got mine on 5inch z man bubblegum streakZ

So did you find them with the sounder on bait balls or busting the surface ?


Depends. Spotties were mostly schools. Once they went down troll them up.

Schoolies on bait balls. Today was using sounder. Once you catch one you know they there but if you lose one they go off chew. Thats why i use plastics now better hookups n the zmans dont rip.

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