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Looking for old shack to spend time at...


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I posted this ad on gumtree thought I might as well pop it up here too..

Hi guys, My wife and I and a couple of close friends are looking for an old shack somewhere (Preferably within a couple of hours of Brisbane) It can be in need of attention and maintenance. This could be an old unused farm house on your acreage or something similar.

We love getting out of the city and would love to find a place to come and spend weekends without the crazy expense of renting classy weekenders. We are easy to get along with, not party animals. We just want the opportunity to sit around the fire at night, let the kids spend time out of Brisbane, grow a few veggies maybe and are happy to mow whippersnip and keep the place clean and tidy.

Anything considered, even really long term leases or pay per visit, would love something we could come back to again and again.


Brad: 0431620115

Brad and close friends are also skilled and very ethical hunters and can work with you on any feral animal problems you may have on your property including dogs, cats, goats, pigs, deer ect. They are members of SSAA with $20,000,000 insurence while providing assistence in this area.

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Jared Ive been known to have a squat, and take a couch ( or is that crouch)for that matter... :blush: we had a place out at blackbutt near an old sawmill, the guy provided the timber to do up the 130 year old timber cutters shack and we got the place for 25 a week. but thats gone down the gurgeler now due to too many people getting involved, was supoosed to be just a few but others invited more and more and its not relaxing anymore so looking for something else.. we're happy to put a real effort in for a property owner to get the benifits..

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