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Moreton Bay 31/3/2012


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Hi All. This is my first report so please be gentle.

Astro was nice enough to take me out this morning trying mostly bait and some soft plastics. We hit the water about 5:00am and headed to peel island.

Our first stop was south west rocks. Bait down and while baiting my second rod a 25cm bream decided to jumped on for a very easy hook up and also Astro double hook up on some small moses perch early and the day was looking really good. After a visit from a dolphin (is it illegal to hand feed them?) and a few smaller fish we decided to move.

Headed towards the wrecks for a drift where Astro managed to pick up his new nickname "Grinner Man". He just kept hooking them (over 12)and a big donut for me in this spot so another move was called for.

Into Horse Shoe bay for a try and I became "Squire Boy" pulling in heaps of small ones. By this time the wind had really picked up so "start the engine Grinner Man lets head in".

On the way in we could resist the quieter waters around Coochiemudlo. First stop on the eastern side was VERY slow so lets move again. Next stop was south of the island in a nice little gutter. FISH GALORE. Sad to report though again mostly small squire but we did have some fun with 1 each 60+ cm shovel nose (I thought it was going to take all day on my light gear to pull it off the bottom).

Throw a blue swimmer Astro hooked, a 30cm eel, a turtle saying hello and something else I have no idea what it was it was a great morning out.

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Thanks russ for the report,i hope you enjoyed yourself. The best part was the dolphin early in the morning hanging around the boat waiting for a feed :woohoo: :woohoo: What ive been told if there is a lot of grinners there's whiting? other members might judge on this. The water temp was sitting around the 23 to 25 degree,s.


Astro aka "grinner man"

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