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Upper Hinze Bass


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Was sitting around bored yesterday at home so decided to go and look at fishing the Nerang river below the dam wall but after looking at a few different access spots and putting them in the too hard basket I continued up the road to check out Hinze Dam. Went around to the old temp western arm ramp to fund it closed but you can still park and carry a yak in so I did just that. Headed up river and with the level of the dam where it is you can go a hell of a lot further up than you could before. Water is now very tannin stained and deep so I wasn't having much luck, passed a guy on the way who said the rapids were now further up so continued on my way. Its a bit tight in some areas but got through and managed to find a pool holding a few fish, one on spinnerbait the other two on a small hard body of some sorts. The water was fairly clean which was cool as you could see the bass come out and smash your lure so will be back there for sure.







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