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Long session at Coomera


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Went out for an extended session today with Matty,(Viper83). Hit the water at 4:45am this morning and didn't get off the water until 6:15pm. Long day but well worth it. ;)

I managed several Flatties ranging from 39-65cm, bream, 2 long toms, a jack, and dropped a couple of unknowns. Managed my first Bream on a top water :) , can't get over how hard they smash em, another addiction I'll be suffering from I'm sure.

Matty landed a swag of bream biggest going 31 to the tip, moses pearch, a long tom, and a couple of flatties.

Lures used. (Me) Damiki Armor Shads in Moebi and skin blue, Eco Gear bream prawns, Hand made R.V lures slider, 2" Monster Miki's in green.

Matty used Eco Gear bream prawn in assorted colours, bent minnows, Damiki Aromr Shads in Moebi, and some top water lure (I didn't catch the name.

Sorry for the short report, I'm pretty knackered.

Here's some pics. Matty needs more practice with the camera I think. :P:P:P









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