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Who got their NPD permit?


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Today is the first day for issuing 2012/13 boating permits for North Pine dam. I got mine on line just after lunch as I was fishing at NPD this morning.

Best $100 you will ever spend.

No ramp rage.

No theft from cars and trailers.

No powerboats or skilice.

Beautiful spot.

And you may even catch a bass or 2 or more.

If you wish to check it out I quite often have a spare decky spot avail just drop me a pm.



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Silly question

Can you only have an electric motor on the boat? for example can I take my boat that has both and eletric & petrol mortor but obvioulsy only use the electric?


That lake is electric only - you can not have the motor attached. You are just down the road if you want to get a permit you are welcome to use my tinie and hang your Permit off it. God knows since I got the big boat it rarely gets used.

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