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Brisbane River 05-08-06


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Hey guys

Decided to go on a SP mission today hoping to get a few bream and flathead..

Checked the weather yesterday and saw that we were gonna have to cope with ALOT of wind, Oh well, that wasnt gonna stop us.

So this morning i met up with Mat and Troy at newfarm park who had already been fishing but hadnt caught anything. Went to Mats \"secret\" spot and got nothing.. fished a few places before I got the first fish of the day, an undersize bream around 20cm.. It came as a relief to us as we were really beginning to doubt that we were gona get any fish.

We moved accross the river and fish a few \"bream\" looking spots with a lot of nice structure but we just couldnt seem to get any. There were a lot of missed hits and dropped fish but nothing was landed.

Mat got a call from Angus to meet him at Newfarm so back we went to meet him. Newfarm was windy as hell so we found a more sheltered spot but still got zilch.. I had to leave early and left the 3 of em.

Im not sure if they caught anything after i left so i'll let them fill it in for everyone.


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